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Over 16 Megapixel Digital Cameras

The newest high-resolution sensors continue the ever-ongoing megapixel march. 2012's newest high-end compact digital cameras have begun shipping with 18 megapixel sensors, whose performance remains to be seen. Typically, high resolution sensors trade low-light performance for detail at low sensitivities, yet noise reduction algorithms and mediocre lenses are beginning to become limiting factors even in good light. High-end compacts like the Canon S100 and G1 X are already being limited to 10 megapixels for the better noise handling.

DSLRs have seen similar increases in resolution, with Nikon's latest high-resolution D800 boasting an astounding 36 megapixels. Models aimed at the prosumer market, like Sony's A65 and NEX-7, include 24 megapixel sensors, the highest APS-C count in the business. So far, DSLRs have yet to sacrifice low-light performance for that extra resolution. If your computer can deal with the larger file sizes then have at it.